Who Am I

Well, as you might have guessed I’m Raju Jasai, also known as RJ, owner of RS-Art Photography.
I slowly started to see the world in a different manner the moment I started to appreciate art when I was in Art School. As a kid I was more interested in correct exposure and getting the image than creating a photo. Over the last years I’ve encountered many different styles of photography and the ones that attract me the most are the ones I’m sharing with you. This is my view on the world, on a story and on beauty.

What Do I Do

I try to tell stories and create images. From the story of someones wedding day, or any important day of their lives, to a story created in my mind or pitched by a stylist. I try to capture beauty, shape and form in a way that the light will bring out it’s best features. But most of all, I CREATE…. with light, with my camera and off course with some degree of post-processing.. but in the end.. I CREATE.. and will give you photographs or images created from my point of view or with my personal touch…

Why Do It

I do what I do because I love to see the world in a different way. There are more dimensions to a subject or  subject matter, more storylines in one story. I love to create, I love to speak and I love to evoke emotion. Just love to find the beauty in somewhat ordinary things. Many things have been done already. But none of these have been done with my touch, my creative process, my drive. This is what makes me original. And this is why I love doing what I do. This is my style.