Smelling that burned rubber at Automaxx Streetpower – ESLA – Studio Lumi – Zandvoort

Well Guys it’s been a while since I’ve blogged for but here goes..

Immediately opening with a vacancy for a Dutch of English (fashion) blogger for my site and shoots.

But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about: The bare essentials of any car enthusiast. It’s about the smell of gasoline, burned rubber and for those who are not that smart burned clutches, big brake kits and off course a lot.. and i mean a lot of loud exhaust pipes and lots of ponies under the hoods or bonnets if we’re using posh and English.

I’m talking about the Automaxx racing day on the Dutch racing track Zandvoort, hosted by 402racing and off course ESLA. European Street Legal Association. Which meant a lot of converted cars on the cicuit. Which was sight for sore eyes. I’ve been a racing fanatic for quite a while, starting of with my very own Subaru Impreza GT 555 and some minor modifications. And that need for speed didn’t stop as I stepped up from fast cars to bikes.

I was there on invitation of my good friend Jay, owner of Studio Lumi a partner of ESLA for photographic coverage of this event. While my role was more of a guidance thing it had teamed of with Jay for most of the day. And might I say we’ve witnessed some AWESOMENESS…

Please have a look at some of the images. And find more in the portfolio.



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