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Fashion vs Glamour

Hey Guys,

how’ve you been? After some conversations with some models or aspiring models it seemed that there is a bit of a fog on what’s goes for Fashion and what goes for Glamour photography.

So let’s clarify that a little with 2 quotes from Wikipedia:

Glamour photography is a genre of photography in which the subjects, usually female, are portrayed in erotic or exciting ways ranging from fully clothed to nude but in ways that either may conceal or may otherwise not especially draw attention to the subjects’ breasts and buttocks.(implied nude)

Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. Fashion photography is most often conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, or Elle. Over time, fashion photography has developed its own aesthetic in which the clothes and fashions are enhanced by the presence of exotic locations or accessories.

Now let’s hope that this will get you where you want to be 😉

Good luck..

Faith In Humanity A Little Restored… and the best camera is the camera you have with you.

Well this won’t be your typical tech head of pixel related post.
Tonight my faith in humanity got a little restored, and all I tried was to take a little picture of an image that popped in my head while driving.

Here’s what happened…

I was driving home, after a long days work at the office, headed to the gym and after all that.. I again went to the gym in the evening for my Monday evening boxing sessions.
Yes, I work…. Yes, I work out… and yes I do enjoy putting on those gloves and get wild. But beside the physicality of things it’s the way it relaxes and eases my mind.
I digress .. yet again… let’s continue with this story shall we?

As I was driving home I drive towards a bridge I’ve seen once too many on a road that I’ve been driving on for too many years, yet never did I stop to capture that image, to capture how I saw that scenery in a glimpse of my eye while I needed to steer in as the road bends turning away from what I saw.

I don’t know why but I with the setting sun it got me thinking. Why didn’t I ever take that shot? I never had my camera with me on this drive to/from the gym.
The bridge was already showing in a distance and I’m not sure why but I felt like I had to take this shot. Not knowing where to leave my car, as there only was a bicycle lane and no parking space. I decided to go for it, and just park my car on a closed drive-in of Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (also know as Rijkswaterstaat) and left my warning lights on as there were a lot of police cars going about and I didn’t need any more hassle from those guys.

I needed to go for a short walk, about 100m (109 yards). Half way there a van started honking, the driver me walking/running or mixing it up towards the centre of the bend in the road. And guess he found that I looked distressed and asked me if my car broke down or my gas is empty. Maybe when I run I look worried? I don’t know.. He offered to bring me to the nearest gas station about 2 km’s away.  I quickly explained that I needed to go for that shot and he understood. He smiled and told me to have fun and good luck.  I cased the scenery took some shots. And decided I need to go in a bit further..

I ran back to the car and tried to find a spot to leave the car again somewhat closer to where I needed to be. So I made a U-turn after driving past the point I spotted. A few minutes later a female walking her dog took interessest, as she found it strange that I turned around at that specific point. She saw me sitting in the grass trying to align my shot. And started laughing. She asked me if I was OK and if I went to all that trouble of getting my car there just to take that photo. Yes I did. The things we do sometimes do to get the one photo.

In the car back I realised the man in the van (yeah yeah sounds like a kidnapper but really wasn’t) and the female walking her dog, so polite and so nice to take notice of me and to see if I was in need of some assistance. My faith in humanity got a little restored today… that just gave me a positive feeling…

I’m glad I decided to go for that shot, and eventhough I didn’t bring my heavy duty tripod and equipment.. I still managed.
“The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You… ” – Chase Jarvis (in this case my Samsung S6 on Manual mode)

This is what I did…. (oh this is just a rant/journal post, portfolio will still be updated accordingly)



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